To this day controversey mounts. Dr. Raimond Goerler, Ohio State University archivist from the Byrd Polar Research Center claims to have found the long lost diary. Dennis Rawlins, is an astronomer who, after examining it, announced that the famed American explorer Admiral Richard E. Byrd, who claimed to have been the first person to fly over the North Pole in 1926, failed in his attempt, missing his destination by 150 miles.


How ironic were those ten years before the archivists' and the navigational experts' claims of discovery, for it was Ritter von X who told me that "In the near future, even the late great polar explorer, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, will be utterely discredited for his disovery of the North Pole."


With his permission, I reprinted the diary in 1990. Two years later I was contacted by Bolling Byrd Clark, the daughter of Admiral Byrd.



First Byrd Polar Research Colloquy

How I met Bolling Byrd Clarke, Admiral Byrd's daughter.

For more in depth  detail please read the HERS Report Number 100 "...................... and just what transpired during the two year period of contact with Bolling Byrd Clark and the complete story of what took place in April of 1996 before the invitation of Bolling Byrd Clark to the first Byrd Polar Research Colloquy.


The meeting was held in 1995 at the Byrd Polar Research Center  (BPRC) at Ohio State University , was  both the seventieth  anniversary celebration of Admiral Byrd's 1926 flight over the North Pole and the fiftieth anniversary of Operation High Jump, the code name for Admiral Byrd's South Pole expedition.


I attended the three-day conference with a vast array of scientists, researchers, historians, explorers and other enthusiasts interested in sharing eperiences relating to exploration of the earth's Polar Regions.


For a complete 30 pagereport of my visit to the Byrd Polar Research Center can be downloaded  on page ................... or purchase the book, "Hollow Earth Revisited." with more detail.


This report is about my personal memories from the Byrd Polar Research Center conference and the personal invitation by Bolling Byrd Clark to dinner with ten other Byrd Polar Research members including Bollings sister, Catherine Byrd Breyer, and a nephew Leverett Byrd.


As we dined, Bolling took charge of the dinner group and offered a toast saying, "Here's to the old man himself. This was indeed a tremendous reunion of family and history as well.


I was introduced to the group by Bolling as a long-time aquanitance of hers, as well as a Byrd researcher that included researching the theory of a hollow earth. Download the Byrd Polar Research Colloquy Conference or purchase the book, "The Hollow Earth Revisited."