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HERS Report Contributors

To purchase HERS Special Reports or Contributors Reports  please include your email and a pdf file will be sent.....Thank you



All HERS Report Contributors are welcome to send any information they would like to share and sell on this page. We keep a record of all sales and send you a check, money order, or international money order made out to the author when the amount reaches $100.00 (US dollars).


As the author of your own work you establish your sales price. 


We take care of the editing, write a description, help provide copyright protection and create your report in pdf file format . Once appoved by both parties we place it in HERS Report Contributors to be purchased by potential customers.


Their is no limit of reports that can be submitted and placed on our site. We share a simple contract agreeing a 50 - 50 split between the author and HERS.



We also have the ability to publish your work into a professional book format that includes an ISBN number and more.



For further information or questions please contact Dan at:

HERS Report Contributor NUMBER ONE

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