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Welcome to HERS Store

The Hollow Earth Research Society News and Commentary is now available for all subscribers.  In it you will read about the connection between the Smithsonian and the Hollow Earth. You’ll find out more about the long-term obsession of Dan Weiss, the driving force behind all things Hollow Earth.


He has devoted decades to discovering all there is to know about explorers and writers and routes to the entrances of the Hollow Earth and those entities who reside there.


HERS News and Commentary also offers more information on items of interest to hollow earth explorers -even those still sitting in armchairs.


It’s an education and it’s FREE! Scoop it up!

HERS Book Store

At the HERS Book store you will find a plethora of books  about the Hollow Earth.  From novels, scientific research, metaphysical  experiences and mysterious expeditions. More books are added as the experience and research grows throughout the world.

Hollow Earth Research Special Reports

As a staff, we believe in the integrity of our publications. If the paths of research integrity are utilized to their fullest, then we will have succeeded in our quest. We seek not to accept unverified postulates, but to explore empirical evidence, legends and myths to project what we term “experimental faith” to prove or disprove the considerable data.”


So reads the introduction to the first HERS Report. This and many more reports are available on an individual basis in our online catalog. Go the Hollow Earth Store on he upper tab for more details.


H.E.R.S. is committed to research and exploration and will continue to publish SPECIAL REPORTS based on new evidence as it comes to light. These reports, in turn, will be made available to the public right here at  Please return periodically, to explore our offerings in the catalog.


We have such a wealth of reports, for a nominal charge, which will elevate your understanding of all the weird and wonderful goings-on associated with the hollow earth and other dimly-known phenomenon.


As one report begins, “Our ancestors sheltered themselves in caves for many more generations than they have lived in houses. Haunting cave drawings from the dawn of time remain as mute testimony that early humans probed and speculated about the deep recesses of the earth. Small wonder that the idea of life underground has tugged for so long at the back of the mankind’s consciousness.”

HERS Contributors Reports

HERS Contributors Reports is where anyone may submit their research or information and sold on our site. HERS will help copyright your work with a contract between the author in agreement of the terms of sale.



Journey to the Hollow Earth.  


This DVD was produced by Dan Weiss and Mark Schwarts  by  Writer and story board by Wendy Bowers and Gary Armagnac the shakspearian actor who narrated the DVD. More DVD's will posted. A movie trailer is currently being developed and will be announced when it has been completed.

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