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As a SUBSCRIBER you will receive two free REPORTS  and a personal reply regarding your interest and questions or any thing you wish to share within the first month of your SUBSCRIPTION. 

All correspondences are kept confidential and only shared to other SUBSCRIBERS with your permission. 


Any new information we discover and receive is shared to enrich all SUBSCRIBERS as we become the new discoverers, researchers and explorers of the Hollow Earth Theory. 

HERS operates and relies completely on your generous  donations.  We thank each and everyone for choosing to DONATE $20.00 for your yearly continued support and to help fund our basic operating and staff expenses.

For every $100 we accumulate from our SUBSCRIBERS, HERS donates 10 % to either the World Wild Life Organization - Adopt a Polar Bear Program and the Forever Young K9 Rescue Service.


Your minimum donation of $20.00 or more will continue your SUBSCRIPTION and our support for one full year. We will only ask a year from the date you subscribed to donate again to receive our continued research on all things Hollow Earth. Donation statements will be available upon request.


This is an added value win for our SUBSCRIBERS, HOLLOW EARTH RESEARCH SOCIETY and the organizations we support.

Please consider donating today and receive HERS SPECIAL REPORTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS and updates regarding our screenplay to screen feature movie and other exciting plans HERS.

World Wild Life Organization

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