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By Robert Ernst Dickhoff, Sungma Red Lama: Messenger of Buddha Robert Pages: 113


Ernst Dickhoff, had many titles, including the self-styled “Ph.D., D.D., Mystic, Adept, Mason of High Degree, Sungma Red Lama, Sa-Ish-Ka-Te (Red Fire), Messenger of Buddha, Grand Lama of the White Lodge of Tibet, Section of New York,” not forgetting “Ufologist. ” He wrote Agharta in 1951 and in it he describes Agartha as “the Holy abode of the Buddhist world, located in the Sangpo Valley, China.” “Before Agharta became the recognized Holy City to be used by Buddhist Lamas it had to be cleansed of a remnant of Venus serpents masquerading in convenient human bodies, who had held the terminal city for many eons and from which stronghold they spread evil propaganda, designed to fight the Martian wizards’ mentality, who also had selected human bodies via the principle of reincarnation.


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