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By: Bernard, Dr. Raymond W. 
1960 For the first time in human history, a philosopher has dared to unveil the mystery of mysteries which has hitherto been concealed from the masses under the most severe of penalties, claims the author. Dr. Bernard says this mystery was first established by the Gods of Atlantis prior to its destruction, when they left their palaces on Mount Olympus in the center of the Island-Continent and voyaged in their flying saucers through the polar opening, across the Rainbow Bridge (Aurora Borealis) to Walhalla, their new home in the Golden Palaces of Shamballah, capital of the Subterranean World. He states this mystery was zealously guarded by the Ancient Mystery Schools & none were permitted to learn it unless they first passed long & strenuous tests, probation’s & initiations. After the Mystery Schools were closed by the Roman Churchmen, this secret knowledge passed on the Alchemists, Kabalists, & Hermeticists of the Middle Ages, under enigmatical sym

Agharta, The Subterranean World

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