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By: Walton, Bruce A. 

Pages: 132

1985 Legend proclaims that Mt. Shasta in Northern California was the last refuge of the survivors of the lost continent of Lemuria. Here, the tales relate, the Lumurians established a secret colony preserving their ancient customs. The author shows with an over laid map identical outlines of the continent of Mu that covers the regions now known as California, Nevada, & Utah, where ancient caves containing Lemurian treasures were discovered. According to tradition, many Lemurians migrated to the northeastern part of their continent when it became apparent that it would meet with a devastating cataclysm, and took refuge in Mt. Shasta, which stood on a section of the continent which eventually survived the cataclysms which submerged the main body of Lemuria.

Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home of the Ancients

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