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By Yogi Wassen of Punjab, India 406 pages


From out of India comes this secret book - seldom know in America. By sheer acident a copy came into our hands from the estate of the well known occult author. We belive this volume  will be of untold value to our costomers who are interested in spirtual advancement. 




Universal Brain; Mysterious Kundalini; Spirtual Lake; Holy Water; Seal of Soul; Pineal glan and pituitary Body; "Kala Kundalini"; Kala Chakra; Himalaya Mountain; Spiritual Nourishment; Many Charts; Glands, Plexuses & Pancho Prana; Invisible No. 1 - No. 2; The Door of Brahma; Chart for Concentration & Meditation; Excercise for Clairvoyance & First Concentration; Advance Course; Postures; 10 States of Consciousness; Raja Yoga; Fasting; Yogi Food; Candle Exercise; How I Remove Wringles and Stay Young; The Three Great Vibratory Forces of th Atma; and More.

Secrets of the Himalaya Mountain Masters

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