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By Joseph P. Cater 479 pages 1982


"I am fully aware of the disbelief of many of the readers of my papers. I welcome disbelief because it is a fundamental of the scientific mind. Every principle, every axiom should be questioned. Unfortunately, most scientists question only new data which challenges established teaching and not the false dogmas which they are taught in school. If one believes that he knows the answers, he will never think to ask the right questions. If one refuses to accept the false dogmas as truth, he will not receive a diploma and will be excluded from prestigious and lucrative positions. My disbelief in currently held princples of Physics resulted in my being asked by the Physics Department of my university to abondon my studies in that subject, my subsequent pursuit of a doctorate in Mathematics, and the beginning of my quest for reality."


After you have read THE AWESOME FORCE, By Joseph H. Cater, thought through the experiments and possibly built some of the devices covered, you will come to the shocking realization that science as currently taught in our universities is a fabrication and monstrous hoax. It consists of outright lies, sloppy guesses, and nothing more. It is a political and social mind-control vehicle for the Power Elite.


The Power Elite has gigantic hoaxes running in Finance History, Medicine, Law, etc., but the hoax passing as science has never been exposed until now. With its exposure, the other hoaxes will be seen for what they are and whom they profit. Sience is supposed to be factual and representative of reality -- not a collection of myhts to aid the Power Elite's control system. The prestigious institutions like Princeton, M.I.T., Stanford, Cal. Tech., Oxford,  Cambridge, etc. are nothing but seminaries training the unquestioning in priestcraft. The supposed great names of science, like Einsteinm Oppenheimer, etc., were/are politically motivated, cunning reptiles. Their wild, half-baked theories, like black holes, space-time warps, multi-dimension universes, the big bang, quarks, neutrinos, dual natured light, relativity, etc., are pure fantasy. The texts and journals of "Science" should be catalogued under Science Fiction in the library, if truth dictated their listings.


The Power Elite's small, special science group does not use science hoax data. They use flying saucers, particle beam weapons, anti-grravity systems, free energy devices, etc., as outlined by Cater. In fact, it was through the theft of Cater's data that the Government learned about most of these amazing discoveries years ago. Only you and I, the profane, have been left out of the knowledge of reality. The Power Elite did this for our own good, of course-- also for profit and control. Just think of the billions of dollars that have been wasted on defense and space programs alone, not to mention the energy rip-off in the trillions of dollars over the years. The amazing thing is that they were able to get away with it-- up until now.


A sample of the information covered in Cater's book:

1. Gravity effects are produced by a highly penetrating radiation in the standard electromagnetic spectrum -- about a frequency of one trillion Herz per second or just above radar frequencies and just below the infrared frequency. NASA has had such devices for years.

2. Years before the Apollo missions, NASA had interplanetary space ships. The UFOs ar real and ours!

3. The earth is hollow and filled with giant caverns.

4. "Free Energy" devices can be easily built.

5. The moon has a high surface gravity (rivals Earth's) and a dense atmosphere comparable to that of Earth.

6. Invisibility and intangibility beam systems have been developed/

7. Pyramid and Reich Orgone Systems are explained.

8. Psychic phenomena are explained.

The Awesome Life Force

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