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What is the Hollow Earth? Pages 320


A figment of the imagination of those who cling to their beliefs about the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?

Or could there be some substance to the tales of yore, of the hints through ancient maps and mythology? Dan Weiss reveals the transcripts of private conversations with the shadowy head of a secretive sect devoted to some of the most fabled mysteries: the hollow earth, the Holy Grail and the Holy Lance that pierced the breast of Christ. His interviews with "Ritter Von X" make for riveting reading. Ritter Von X confirms the documented evidence that even Hitler and his henchmen were convinced that an entrance to the hollow earth existed.

If the transcribed interviews were all this book contained, that would be value enough for the inquisitive reader. But Dan has also gifted us an account of his lifelong search for truth in many forms: spiritual truths, political truths and verities squelched by those in authority. His coming of age begins in Vietnam, as a naive and idealistic volunteer soldier in the nation's battle against encroaching communism. His experience sets him on a course that changes his life.


Have you watched the iconic movie, Being John Malkovitch? Similarly, the reader of this searingly honest book inhabits the restless mind of Danny Weiss, an Explorer Extraordinaire whose passion for the purest answers to eternal questions illuminates every page. Danny takes us on a sidecar ride through his life-warts and all-to arrive at a more perfect understanding of what an uncompromising search for personal revelation looks like.

In The Hollow Earth Revisited, we discover a world few have encountered. We learn of Flugelrads and Admiral Byrd's disputed legacy and of expeditions approved by the US Congress to discover the entrance to the hollow earth. Come aboard and enjoy the ride!

The Hollow Earth - Revisited

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