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By Willis George Emerson 186 Pages  First Published in 1908


The author claims this is a true story of Olaf Jensen and his father, Jens Jensen, two fisherman who sailed by accident through the North Polar opening into the Hollow Interior of the ed 1908Earth and lived two years amougst it people. The book details their experiences with the people living there, including their habits, life, vegetation, animals, transportation, government, science, the source of power, etc. After two incredible years , with help,from a great, kind ruler, they journeyed out through the South Pole opening! You may not beleive the "Hollow Earth Theory", but we feel confident you will want to read and enjoy this most interesting book.One of the most unusual books ever printed. 

     Jensen's account shows the distance directly across the space in the Interior Surface is about 600 miles miles less than the diameter of the Earth. In the identical center of this vast vaccum is the seat of electricity and power, a mammoth Ball of dull red fire, not brilliant, but surrended by white, mild cloud, giving out a uniform warmth, and held in its place in the center of the immutible law of gravitation, This cloud is known to its people within this world as "Smoky God." The people he claims who have no desire to migrate to the surface, seemed to him a strange race of giants from ten to eleven feet tall in height, with refined features,with their complexion a delicate tint and are ruled by a Great High Priest who was about 15 feet tall, and regalley robed with diamonds, rubies, silver,, gold, and platinum that are so plentiful that they arre everywhere in amazing brilliant hues. Their capitol, the City of Eden had an elevated garden where all manner of fruit , nuts, shrubs, trees, and flowers grow in riotous profusion.

The Smoky God or A Voyage to the Inner World e-Book

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