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Reports for Subscribers

Report Number: ONE

Helen Blavatsky and the Hollow Earth

The world-famous founder of the Theosophical  Society published her research  in July 1884 after reading  The Hollow Globe.


She gives a highly scientific and spiritual examination of a book that she declared “years ahead of its time.” 8 pages

Report Number TWO of THREE:

Britain's Secret War in Antarctica 

Britain’s Secret War in Antarctica A fascinating account of the Nazi party top echelon, including Rudolph Hess, Hermann Goering, Henrich Himlmler, Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz, Second Führer of Nazi Germany and their interest in Antarctica and the Hollow Earth.


Many jewels of information are revealed by the writer, including the notion that Britain, who captured some of the more prominent Nazis, kept strategic information about Antarctica to themselves. A great deal of Antarctica related information come under this superior historian’s microscope. All the news that’s fit to print and so much that has been suppressed to this day.


For those keen on learning more about Germany’s involvement in exploring the questions of vital importance to this site, this report is a “must-have.” The ruling Fuhrer at war’s end was Donitz, who spoke of an Antarctic “invulnerable fortress, a paradise-like oasis in the middle of eternal ice."

Report Number TWO:

Mythic Geography of the Northern Polar Regions

The Mythic Geography of the Northern Polar Regions: Inventio Fortunata and Buddhist Cosmology By Chet Van Duzer.


This highly articulate paper compares the mythical geography of the northern polar regions in two aspects. One is the western European position and the other based on traditional Buddhist and Hindu conceptions of the earth. This treatise is a fascinating read.

16 pages

Report Number THREE of THREE:

Britain's Secret War in Antarctica 

Britain’s Secret War in Antarctica An outstanding investigative journalist explores the history of Antarctica before and after WWII, beginning with the Norweigan claims on Antarctica, the Nazi safe haven and establishment of a base and their submarine activity during the war and afterwards. All the esoteric facts are marshalled, including the secrecy surrounding the British Army’s deployment at the end of the war to investigate what the Germans had set up in Antarctica. He discusses the story as told by one Special Forces soldier who was part of the expeditionary force and his frightening experience with “Polar Man.” Footnoted and impeccably researched, this special report answers many questions about the value of Antarctica to both the German and the Allied forces during WWII.

Report Number SIX:

Hollow Earth–Legends, Myths and gods

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Report Number FIVE:

Extra-Terrestrials: The Greys

Report Number ONE of THREE:

Britain's Secret War in Antarctica

British Nazi Hunters – in Antarctica?


A Top British Investigative Journalist Reports In 1938, Nazi Germany sent an expedition to Antarctica with a mission to investigate sites for a possible base and to make formal claims in the name of the Third Reich. To prepare them for their mission, they invited the great polar explorer Richard E. Byrd to lecture them on what to expect. The following year, a month after hostilities had commenced in Europe, the Germans returned to Neuschwabenland to finish what had been started, with many suggesting that a base was being constructed.


This report tells a stirring story few have heard of Britain’s Operation Taberlan in the Antarctica. You will learn of the tunnels in the Antarctic and the “Polar Men,” who apparently fought the Nazis prior to the British Army’s secret excursion.


This special report, first of three, chronicles the secret mission at the end of WWII before the massive US Operation Highjump commanded by Admiral Byrd. 14 pages

Report Number FOUR:

Clinical Psychological Assessment of UFO Abductees

A leading psychiatrist takes a clear analytical look at how UFO abductees have been treated by the psychiatric community and finds them lacking in every respect. She sets up a clever psychological assessment of a nine individuals who have indicated that they were grabbed up by aliens and examined closely. She finds that both the medical and psychiatric establishment have failed to perform in an objective and professional manner toward those who have reluctantly admitted to a UFO abduction. She provides a breath of fresh air in looking at abductees honestly and without the requisite prejudice that typically accompanies their stories. Her assessment will surprise you and it may begin to turn the tide in favor of listening to their tales with less skepticism and more compassion.

The Greys: 


An in-depth look at the Greys, an active group of aliens that resemble the Rosewell-type aliens depicted by several artists. Is the planet earth a “farm” for these small and larger Greys? This report talks about their physical traits, but more importantly about their seemingly unstoppable mission here on earth. Are the smaller ones clones for the larger? Are the reptilian humanoids masters of the Greys?


This paper introduces many factors that guide the Greys and others in the universe. Is it true? If so, we are in for some major soul-searching on this planet.

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