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and assertions are welcomed here.

Thuban was the Pole Star some 5,000 years ago, when the Egyptians were building the pyramids

It is HERS intention and goal to create the first Hollow Earth Convention and the reenactment of Admiral Byrd's 1926 epic flight to the North Pole. 


Also, we are seeking to contact every hollow earth enthusiasts around the world and help support the world's first Hollow Earth Convention.


This is a call to all those who have something to share regarding their research and experience. To begin with, this will require a small savvy group of talented individuals trhoughout the world to help form a central force to get the word out.


The UFO phenomenon has accelerated since the early forties and fifties. I believe it's time for the Hollow Earth enthusiasts step up with your creative talents and expertise and help form the world's first Hollow Earth Convention.


I look forward to your replies and you support.

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