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By Pylos the Tibetan 423 pages


This amazing occult classic has enjoyed a world-wide reputation. It is a source book of arcane knowledge and secretsof life known to the ancients but lost to the consciousness of man today. It is a work of love, written for the purpose of helping mankind find the way out of present chaos.


It was written by a boy of 18, begun in 1883 and finished in 1886. But he was not the author. His only qualifications for recording the materialin the book were an uncolored mind and an avid in all that was unusal. He wa living in Northern California with his parents when the words of the book were first given him. They came as sometimes as mental impressions; sometime they were actually heard.


The boy, whose name was Freerick Oliver. learned that an occult adept was communicationg with him. He could hear and speak to this being, whom he came to know as Phylos the Tibetan, but only raely did he see him. It was Phylo's own life story that was being transmitted through him, bit by bit; his life in two incarnations on earth and during a periond on Venus.


Facinating as the events of these lives are, it is the inner teaching revealed through them that has made the "Dweller on Two Planets Or the dividing of the Way" a clasic of occult literature, a veritable foundation course of inner teachings about life, of all happiness., all perfection.


The book opemst 12,000 years ago: The Atlantis that was destroyed bythe seas, whose people loved freedom, honor and power above all else, the preisthood who sought the Light and the scientists who were far advanced in scientific attainment, who worshipped God as Incal, symbolized by the shield with the blazing sun, representing the Eternal Cause.


The religion of the Poseid, the Atlanteans, was essentially that of the Essenes and similar to the Hebrew knowledge that all mankind are the sons of God. They knew that God Incal does not punish; for the laws of nature are self-executing, and no mediator can avert can avert for for us the results of our deeds. This, the law of cause and effect, they knew as unalterable, Ignorance of the law does not exemptthe wrong doer from penalty; but the law is notretributional: it is educational.


In the course fo time Zailm's body died, but his consciousness, his awarness, remained alive. He learned too, that expiation of sins he had committed ncessitates return to earth. For Pylos it required 12,000 years of wandering.


As Oliver write down the words of the book he came to understand that Pylos is the higher consciousness of both Zailm, who live in Atlantis, and of Walter Pierson, woring out his karmic debts in the body in the one time American Soldier. How dark ore the souls, Oliverwrote, of those who have no goal of union with the Spirit.


How can that goal be reached? If, through determind practice, a man can learn to think of nothing, absolutely nothing, not even the thought of not thinking, and if it can retain that mental state for even half an hour , he will find himself coming into true rapport with the Architect of the Universe, and will learn to know His ways. Then indeed can the goal be near. This is the message of the "Dweller an Two Planets."

A Dweller On Two Planets

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