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Enigma Fantastic! 1966 197 Pages


By W. Gordon Allan, BA, PhD 

New thougts and Findings, Photos of UFO's. Biographical Sketches of the Life of Dr. Rudolf Steiner and the Life of Nikola Tesla. Both men were born centuries before their time.


Chapter headingd include: 

Prometheus at the Springs; In the Den of Giants; Was Tesla a Mystic?; Spirtual Exercises of Nikola Tesla; Seek First the Spirit; The Inquisition, Engineered for Complete Bodily & Spiritual Control; Malta - Entrance to the Cavern World; Background of the Ecclesiastic Psychosis; Directed Opinion Control Replaces Inquisition; Reincarnation & Karma; Mystery School of Charttres; Keepers of the Secret; College of Prophecy; Epilog & appendices.


Enigma Fantastique!

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