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The Secrets of Flying Saucers from Khabarah Khoom By Don Lucchesi

95 pages.


The author believes we have been "Looking in the wrong direction" for the solution to the UFO mystery.


This book presents a series of interviews with Eone, illustrations depicting the ancient city of Khoom, the UFO's circuit diagrams and even the language.


After an associate was silenced by the "MIB," Luchessi went underground for many years -- surfacing finally in 1983 with this very revealing study. He tells us that not just one--but two sources of origin exists for "saucers" and presents detailed drawings, control panel and circuit diagrams, as wells as the language of the UFOnaunts in evidence. The story begins with the discovery of an abandoned UFO in a forest by a surveyor who gave one of the craft's companents  to Lucchesi. Lucchesi subsequently had a series of meetings with a strange man named "Eone" who revealed UFO technology, origin and purpose. Despite its startling contents, the book makes no claim at being the 'final explanation'for all flying saucers. In fact, Eone, himself fears the OTHERS, who, in conspiracy with the worldwide political-industrial complex, actually rule the world. These operate the other UFO's abduct terrestrials and sometimes injure causal witnesses though accident and inferior technology. Other craft may come from outer space. 

Flying Saucers From Khabaram Khoom

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