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The Goddess of Atvatabar - Being the History of the Discoverer of the Interior world and Conquest of Atvatabar by William Bradshaw 1892 318 Pages

Contents: Front Piece: Map of the Interior World with openings at the North and South Poles; A Polar Catastrophe; The Cause of the Expedition; Beginning the Voyage; Our Adventures in the Polar Sea; We Enter the Polar Gulf; Day Becomes Night and Night Day; We Discover the Interior World; Extrodinary Loss of Weight; Afloat on the Interior Ocean; A Visit from the Inhabitants of Plutusia; We Learn Atvatabarese; We Arrive at Koram; Marching in Triumph; The Journey to Calnogor; Our Reception By the King; The King Unfolds the Grandeur of Atvatabar;Gnaphhisthasis; The Journey to the Bormidophia; The Throne of the Gods; Calnogor; The worship of Lyonne Supreme Goddess; An Audience with the Supreme Goddess; The Goddess Learns the Story of the Outer World; The Garden of Tanje; The Journey to Egyplosis; Escaping from the Cyclone; The Banquet on the Aerial Ship; We Reach Egyplosis; The Gran Temple of Harikar; The Installation of a Twin soul; The Sin of a Twin Soul; Reincarnation: The History included. 45 unusual illustrations.

The Goddess of Atvatabar: Discovery of the Inner World.

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