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About Me:

I began my scientific, psychic, and apolitical journey with my coming of age during the controversial and chaotic Vietnam War. Enlisting as a naïve and idealistic volunteer soldier, I soon experienced the emotional conflict wrought from the clash of inbred patriotism with the mindless destruction and the carnage of too many innocents–collateral damage.


Thus began my lifelong pursuit of spiritual and political truth in myriad forms. I committed the unpardonable sin of questioning the official version of events as presented by the “authorities.” My experiences, thoughts and clairvoyant visions led me to new understandings of how the world and universe works, both practically and spiritually.


My passion for exploration and the real truth behind the veneer of the official, whitewashed story over the past fifty years has confirmed the validity of introspection and a belief in my personal vision. This has led me to extraordinary events and experiences. And still more adventures lie ahead.


My twenty-five year analysis of the theories of a hollow earth was incredibly enhanced by my encounters with some extraordinary people who swore they had personal experience with the hollow Earth, beings who dwelt there and Hitler’s desperate orders to find an entrance.


The stuff of science fiction, though they were convinced it was real. It’s been an incredible ride, much of it documented in my new book, The Hollow Earth–Revisited.


The rest will leak out in notes to subscribers and our loyal readers.


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