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The Three Major Theories of the Hollow Earth

The Hollow Earth Theory of one kind or another has actually been around for a very long time. While the very first ideas could today be considered rather whimsical and unsophisticated, the suggestion has  gradually gained traction over time in some quarters. There have even been some hints from satellite photos which indicate that there may be more substance to the idea than most people would believe.


There have been three major hollow Earth models proposed: 1)  the Concentric Spheres Hollow Earth, 2) the Polar Holes Hollow Earth Model and 3) The Inverted Hollow Earth Model


The Hollow Earth Theory #1: The Concentric Spheres

Hollow Earth Model


Likely the first hollow Earth theory to be promulgated was that by Edmund Halley in 1692. As one of the most respected scientists of his day, his conclusions were taken seriously by the world. After all, had he not discovered, with the crudest of instruments, the comets who regularly visit our planet? If he could do that, while peering into the vast universe, why would he not be able to discover amazing truths closer to home? His ideas were an attempt to rationalize how the Earth’s electromagnetic fields could fluctuate as widely as they did when tested. His conclusion was that there had to be at least four concentric shells inside the Earth,  each with its very own magnetic field to account for the changes that occur.


The motion created by each shell compared to the others permitted distinct areas of the field to stray around the world. Halley felt the most logical explanation was that there had to be a series of shells within each other – that was his Hollow Earth Theory.


The Hollow Earth Theory #2: The Polar Holes Hollow Earth Model


Perhaps the most widely recognized hollow Earth theory consists of significant polar openings approximately 3,000 kilometers in size that allow access to the inside of the Earth. Numerous hollow Earth investigators have actually searched with all manner of vehicles for these openings. However absolutely nothing has ever been discovered. Some claim that modern satellite technology has actually confirmed that such holes have been spotted, but are not as easy to locate as some would have us believe; there have been some ambiguous readings.


In the Polar Holes Hollow Earth Theory, the center of the planet has a main source of energy and light – its own internal sun – that supplies light and warmth to the world within.


The Hollow Earth Theory #3:  The Inverted Earth Hollow Earth Model


This theory may be not only the least well-known of the Hollow Earth theories, idea but perhaps the strangest of hollow Earth concepts. The model works on the principle that we are really living inside a hollow world today and the center of our world is much farther away.


All the other planets, the moon, satellites and the sun revolve around this main point. The Inverted Earth Hollow Earth Theory says that we have it all wrong and the way we see things is really inside out.


Sometimes suspension of disbelief requires too much effort.

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