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Proof of Agartha

Agartha Proof, or proof of Agartha is what many observers would like to find. Solid evidence that the myths and legends and stories passed down through oral tradition have some basis in fact. Like the discovery of Troy by Heinrich Schliemann. He was convinced that the cities mentioned in Homer’s works, passed from generation to generation around the fires 2,800 years ago, were real. He astounded critics and the world at large when he began excavating Troy, from vague directions provided by Homer’s ancient words. Similarly, there have been reports of Biblical historians who found remnants of Noah’s Ark on some unnamed peak in the Holy Land. It happens.

The Legend of Agartha


Hidden worlds beneath the surface of the earth figured prominently in ancient beliefs. Central Asian Buddhists spoke in muted tones of the kingdom of Agartha (also spelled Aghartha), made up of a worldwide labyrinth of subterranean passages. Stories of a civilization that dwelt in the hollow earth were passed from family to family for generations before writing instruments facilitated memory. Agartha was said to be a haven for the population of vanished continents. Agartha was considered a center of intellectual progress and enlightenment. Its holy leader became the King of the World, who, according to one devotee, “knows all the forces of the world and reads all the lost souls of humankind and the great book of their destiny.”


As delightful as it would be to find solid Agartha proof, such as a map, published by a leading Australian firm that specializes in subterreanean maps, Down Under, all we have are hints from others we have yet to find it.


While some individuals swear they have been in the company of a massive, superior race living below the Earth, scant evidence has surfaced, if we ignore the lurid accounts of first-hand witnesses in publications such as Flying Saucers. Perhaps the authorities have suppressed this as well. Nothing that could be termed real AGARTHA PROOF has surfaced – though it is possible it exists and we are merely ignorant of its existence.  Nevertheless, who has not heard of Area 51 and UFO information and activity suppression?


Hope springs eternal, though. US authorities have just last week finally acknowledged that such a place as Area 51 does actually exist. However, the officials still are mum about alien landings and alien remains and anything else that might have transpired in that spooky undercover never-neverland.  The ends justify the means and all that blather. Rubber stamp any outrages and keep it all hush, hush. Or else.


Could this have happened with Agartha Proof?


Perhaps in the not-too-distant future, we will learn that proof for the existence of Agartha has been found, maybe in the attic of some Buddhist monastery. Wouldn’t that be wild, if someone like a modern-day Schliemann could follow the disparate clues in all the literature that mention Agartha from days of yore and finally give us what we’ve been searching for: Agartha Proof!

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