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Is the Earth hollow?


About five hundred people a month ask this question of the search engines. Do they receive a satisfactory answer? Or do the wander from site to site, not learning much they could take home to mama.


On the one hand, science would have us believe that this question is elementary, my dear Watson. That seismologists from the thirties and forties definitively answered this question by measuring the vibrations on sensitive equipment.


Conventional wisdom says that there’s a molten core of metals at the center of the earth, 700 miles across. From this still searing source emanate our volcanos and much of the unnatural shenanigans from Mother Nature.


It is theorized that the inner core is way hotter then the fire at a weenie roast, about 9800F or 5430C – ferocious fire that sounds a lot like the fires of Beelzebub.


And what do the Hollow Earthers believe? Nope – they discarded the flat Earth theories well before you thought to ask. But they do believe there is reasonable doubt in reviewing the facts of the Earth’s composition.


There have been so many anecdotal accounts of subterreanean dwellers and accounts of the labyrinths  that have set the imagination afire for centuries.


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