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The Hollow Earth Revisted Official Selec






Danny Weiss is like anyone else.  He went to Viet Nam when he was supposed to.  He got married and became ‘Daddy’ to his wife’s two kids.  They had one of their own, Zephera.  They got divorced.  Danny Weiss is a pretty normal guy.  He takes out the trash and makes coffee in the morning.  He plays with his kids, goes to work, and loves his dog and the cats. He helps the neighbors whenever there’s a problem.  You might even be one of his neighbors. Danny Weiss is a lot like you in many ways, but he’s on a mission of supreme importance to us all.  For the past 16 years, Danny’s been driven to find truth, freedom and paradise.


He’s not just searching for a tropical island paradise where he can sip maitais on a sandy beach.  The freedom he seeks is not just freedom from higher taxes, or a collapsing marriage.  The truth he yearns for is not just the truth about things like who really profits from life insurance policies, or why the governments of the world hide information about drug cartels and UFOs.  But real Truth.  Real Freedom.  Real Paradise.  And that’s not an easy mission.


 The Hollow Earth—Revisted is set in modern-day Felton, California, U.S.A., where Danny grew up. The basic setting, however, is but a launching pad for Dan’s travels through time, locale, and his own psychic experiences.  While principally a work of non-fiction, documentation and research into theories since the early 1800’s, about the existence of the Hollow Earth, certain narrative sections have been added by ghost writer, Wanda Hopkins (also a character in the book), to help transport the reader into the mind of the protagonist as he is swept, lifted, hurled and plummeted through the fragile and at times treacherous interiors of his mind.


This hallucinatory time/dimensional travel offers a parallel to Dan’s actual plans for a journey to the North Pole, where he hopes to find the entrance into the legendary Hollow Earth.  Ironically, these time jumps also act as a grounding device for the reader, who may find it difficult to believe some of Dan’s psychic experiences, which are all absolutely factual.


Dan might prefer to live a more ‘normal’ life, without being taken out of his body from time to time by swirling white lights; without dreaming about past lives as an officer in Nazi Germany; without ‘seeing’ gold rings on the fingers and toes of his new bride.  But the fact is, these things have become commonplace for Dan since the age of six, so there is not much he can do to change it — except perhaps, to tell his story.


Danny L. Weiss is a man with a mission of supreme importance.  He is driven to find the Truth — Truth, for example, about our origins as children of God, and why there are different races on the earth.


He is determined to find Paradise — Paradise that existed in the Garden of Eden and the Golden Age.  Paradise that existed in Atlantis.  Paradise that he hopes to find existing today in the very center of the earth.


He is dedicated to the concept of Freedom — Freedom for all races as it was written into the Constitution of the United States of America.  Freedom to choose what and who will have power over us all as individuals.  Freedom from the unwitting judgment of destruction and war by mankind, nation against nation and brother against brother.


The mission of Danny L. Weiss, if we hear him out with a willing suspension of disbelief, could possibly save the world.

Each chapter is carefully built around the linear plot of Dan’s life, as told by himself in meticulous and inspiring journalistic detail.  Then, interspersed within each journal chapter, are flash-backs, flash-forwards, and real-time dialogues between Dan and Wanda, designed to clarify philosophical and theological questions.  These sections also foreshadow events and introduce new characters.


While The Hollow Earth—Revisted is, on the surface, about one unknown Viet Nam veteran, it is also an exciting and meaningful work of literature written in a stylistically new way:  The Visionary Autobiography.  The Hollow Earth—Revisted combines suspense, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, adventure, philosophy and historical research in an immediate, visually narrative style, which brings the reader into the center of action.  The journal portions by Dan are written in the first person past tense.  Transitions by Wanda are in the omniscient present tense, much like a movie script.


The reader moves from one place in time (and in Dan’s mind) to another, picking up clues, making discoveries, and following the plot line by putting pieces of the puzzle together as they go.  The reader learns as Dan learns; changes as Dan changes; moves in and out of their body as Dan moves in and out of his body.  And finally, we land with both feet on solid ground, more aware of mankind’s purpose on Earth; inspired to take individual action for global harmony.


In their effort to expose and solve almost all of Mankind’s age-old conflicts, the The Hollow Earth—Revisted challenges the reader to re-examine his or her own prejudices and belief systems.  Just as Mikhail Gorbachev once asked his fellow countrymen to adopt a ‘New Way of Thinking,’ Danny L. Weiss is asking their readers to become agents for positive change by rejecting habitual concepts, which only perpetuate war, hatred, prejudice, and corruption.


Yes, he is asking a lot. And Dan is sure to make some enemies in the process, ironically, since much of his research material is controversial.  For example, Chapter IV, “Conversations,” contains the actual transcript of a weekend conversation with an ex-Nazi U-Boat WWII captain, who may be perceived by many as a racist — therefore, an enemy.  On the other hand, modern day neo-Nazis will also see Danny as the enemy, as will most Christian fundamentalists, since much of his knowledge comes from the Rosicrucian teachings.  But then, he also cites one Christian preacher who claims to have a personal friendship with an alien from Venus — a source not likely to find friendly rapport with most folks from the Bible belt.


Dan covers the poles.  The Hollow Earth—Revisted, in fact contains material, which is sure to either inspire or offend almost everybody, including the members of his own family.


For years, Dan’s family and almost everyone around him thought he was crazy or on drugs.  He was neither.  He is neither, today.  What’s really going on is Danny L. Weiss is simply a visionary with a message that will take you from heavenly places with beautiful angels to dark, twisting tunnels where one might be tempted to say ‘Satan’ dwells.


The Hollow Earth—Revisted may also inspire you to join Dan on a real journey he is currently planning to the North Pole where he hopes to retrace Admiral Byrd’s Polar flight and perhaps discover the mysteries of the legendary Hollow Earth


Danny L. Weiss is no hero.  Once in a while, we all confront the universal forces of opposition being played out here like a cosmic chess game.  The difference is, Danny, a modern day Don Quixote, has been driven for 16 years to research, document, seek out, record, question, debate, and do battle with those forces — and win.


We all win in the process.  Because of his dedication to an inner drive, and an inner mission to find the interior of the earth, we can all make the journey to find Truth, Freedom and Paradise with him.  What a gift.

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