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Admiral Richard Byrd and the Hollow Earth


Who was this this man, widely considered the greatest polar explorer or the twentieth century, Admiral Richard Byrd?


In 1925 there was a singular man on a mission to explore desolate lands rarely seen by humans to that time – Admiral Richard Byrd. He went on to become the single greatest polar explorer of the century, a feat recognized by the American government when they awarded him the “Medal Honor,” the highest recognition of achievement for heroism in that country and the greatest military honor.


Admiral Richard Byrd, rightly or wrongly is now associated with the hollow earth concept because of some comments that were allegedly made and because of a diary that has been disputed. He was the leading pilot of his time, just missing the headlines and fame of having been the first to claim a trans-Atlantic flight, due to engine troubles; Charles Lindberg’s name is now etched in history instead. Byrd was an  heroic figure, lauded worldwide as an American pilot, polar explorer, and organizer of polar logistics.


Admiral Richard Byrd referred to Antarctica as “The Land of Everlasting Mystery” and of the North Pole he said: “I’d like to see that land past the North Pole, it is the Center of the Great Unknown.”


According to some, Bryd had actually found an additional world in the Hollow Earth, though his journal was mysteriously removed by the government. What was precisely discovered has always been shrouded in mystery, but it may have been astonishing.


Admiral Richard Byrd created a fantastic reputation in the history of the US Navy. He is considered to have been an extremely brave and honest man. When he spoke out about some of the sights he has seen and experienced, governments were quick to attempt to assassinate his character.


In his journal, Byrd apparently informs readers of having entered into the hollow interior of the earth, along with others and having traveled 1700 miles over mountains, lakes, waterways, green vegetation, and animal life. The outside temperature recorded was 74 degrees F.


His airplane was welcomed by machines of a type he had never actually seen before. His hosts informed him that he had actually been allowed to enter Agartha (their term for the hollow earth) because of his high moral and ethical status. They claimed that to be the protectors of planet Earth – to protect its inhabitants from the scurrilous activities of the power brokers and nefarious government agencies with impure agendas.


After the visit, Byrd and his crew were guided back to the outer area of the Earth. The inquiry that still stays is that Admiral Byrd did make a trip past the post but this flight wasn’t in February of 1947.


In February of 1947, Rear Admiral Richard Byrd was in charge of a gigantic procedure in the Arctic that was called Operation Highjump. HighJump has become a contentious subject among UFO conspiracy theorists, who claim it was a covert US army project to control supposed secret underground Nazi establishments in Antarctica and catch the German Vril flying discs, or Thule mercury-powered spaceship prototypes.


Read the Special Reports – British War in Antactica for more details on the previous missions to Antarctica.


A legend among those in the know was that Adolph Hitler did not die due to a suicide in 1945, but fled to Argentina, to an SS base carved under the ice in New Swabia during the very early 1950s, where he resumed his passion as a painter. According to this account, Operation HighJump, the biggest exploration ever to target the Antarctic, was organized to erase the Nazi presence at the south pole. Some of the Special Reports available at the
Hollow Earth Shop confirm the Nazi presence in Antarctica. During WWII, it was a sanctuary for U-Boats and remained one of the few areas in the oceans bereft of a strong Allied military presence.


In February 19, 1947, Rear Admiral Richard Byrd was the Navy official in charge of a gigantic operation in the Arctic, which we have alluded to as Operation HighJump.


Over forty ships, including the Navy’s crown jewel, “Mount Olympus,” the aircraft carrier, “Philippine Sea,” the seaplane tender,”Pine Sea,” the submarine, “Senate,” the destroyer, “Bronson,” the ice breaker, “North Wind,” and other tanker and supply ships. An armed contingent of 1,400 seafarers, and three dog sled teams were likewise aboard. This certainly had more of a military signature rather than an innocent exploration.


In January of 1956, Admiral Byrd led yet another expedition to the South Pole. Admiral Byrd explained that the North and South Poles are just two of several openings into the center of the Earth.


Admiral Forrestal was the first United States Secretary of Defense and among the initial founding members of the Majestic Twelve, an elite group of powerful government and industry leaders who were tasked with keeping an eye on of all alien activity.


William Cooper goes into greater detail in the Special Report titled William Cooper’s Deadly Secrets available under Special Reports. He was killed for his knowledge.


Majestic Twelve (MJ 12) was originally conceived by a man named Jesse Marcel, who had been involved with the first Roswell UFO event.Majestic Twelve (MJ 12) was the alleged code label of a secret committee of experts, military top leaders, and government authorities, supposedly developed in 1947 by an executive order of the then US president, Harry S. Truman.


Forrestal and Byrd got into hot water by thumbing their noses at the authorities who demanded absolute silence. They collaborated in going public with the tales regarding the Roswell accident and the internal planet; some believe Admiral Forrestal was assassinated and within a couple of weeks of Byrd’s self-imposed expatriation, he was likewise dying; his journal was leaked after his death. 


See “Admiral Byrd Diary”  for more details on what was apparently in his secret diary relating to Admiral Richard Byrd’s expedition of the North Pole.


All this speculation begs the question: Just what happened with Admiral Byrd in the North Pole?


On the 19th of September, 1947, the American explorer, Admiral Richard Byrd flew to the South Pole. It has been said that when he returned, he reported exactly what took place during this exploration. Conspiracy theorists have actually interpreted these written remembrances as clear evidence that Richard Byrd did actually uncover an entry to the center of the planet.


People or creatures populating the center of the earth are some incredibly tall and very humanoid creatures that were extremely advanced. The gap in the Antarctic is said to be where these creatures fly out and fly back in. There is a hole presumably allowing a very civilization to dwell inside the world.


Past the South Pole is the great unknown.  So said the great explorer, Admiral Richard Byrd.


It is said that there is a US regulation to prevent citizens from checking out caverns and holes in the polar regions.

You are forbidden to enter into a cave with an opening without a federal cave license or a government cavern expert with you. Any type of area with caves are otherwise considered to be on federal government property. Also, it was common knowledge that planes were forbidden to fly directly above the north pole. Why?


In 1964, Dr. Raymond W. Bernard, was a leader of the Rosicrucians, who are members of a worldwide cabal, especially the Ancient Mystic Order, Rosae Crucis and the Rosicrucian Order, focused his research on old magical, philosophical, and religious teachings, concerned with the application of these doctrines to modern life. Dr. Bernard released The Hollow Earth – The Greatest Geographical Discovery in History made by Admiral Richard E. Byrd in the Mysterious Land Beyond the Poles – The True Origin of the Flying Saucers.


As we mentioned above, Admiral Richard Byrd of the United States Navy flew to the North Pole in 1926 and over the South Pole in 1929. The contention continues that Admiral Byrd did make a trip inside the North Pole entrance to the Hollow Earth in 1926.


In January of 1956 Admiral Byrd led an expedition to the South Pole. Admiral Byrd stated that the North and South Poles are only two of numerous openings in to the facility of the Earth.


Will this ever be confirmed, given the iron grip on exploration now exercised by governments?


Admiral Richard Byrd proved not only a great explorer who had enough integrity to lead massive explorations of both poles, but sufficient character to tell the world what the government did not want him to reveal. Now, that’s a hero.


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