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You want Hollow Earth Proof?


There are some YouTube videos which purport to prove there exists Hollow Earth Proof with high tech surveillance equipment and tapes of satellite views of different parts of the earth. Is it possible that the authorities and departments that control the view of the earth from American hardware way up there – is it possible that the US departments have been selective about what has been made available to the media and the scientific community? Could they be holding back definitive video proof  of hitherto unsuspected entrances to the center of our world?


Of course, some would object and say that we have Hollow Earth Proof. What do you call the so-called Admiral Byrd Diary that clearly states that he had an amazing flight right into the bowels of the earth. For 1,700 miles,  to boot. The churlish among us might object to this diary’s claim of authenticity. After all, what proof do we have of its authorship? I know that no one will find Byrd’s fingerprints on the original diary.


In some ways, belief in the paranormal, or at least those areas of interest still derided reflexively by the mainstream media and most uptight people who turned off their openmindedness about the time Watergate was the best live soap opera on tv – those area of interest are becoming, more and more, mainstream thought.


Do you honestly believe that if there was proof – Hollow Earth Proof – that the military/government complex would be eager to spill the beans to the proletariat? The common man in the streets?


If you have any background in alternative thoughts and opinions, you know you don’t have to be a raving conspiracy theorist to believe that the “authorities” actively suppress those points of view not endorsed by Party Central, whichever party finds itself drunk with power and bereft of useful ideas.


It could very well be that Hollow Earth Proof will surface in the coming years, as computer nerds morph into cyber explorers who can amass more detailed information – from the source – in record time.


If you have anything to add to the conversation about Hollow Earth Proof (we’ll be augmenting this and other pages as we move forward), please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Hollow Earth Proof? It’s Out There!

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