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Meet the Authors

Who is Danny Weiss?


Danny  Weiss is the author of The Hollow Earth, Revisited. 


His researches into the efficacy of Hollow Earth legends led him to interview and befriend a crew member of the Nazi submarine U-530, who allegedly delivered the Holy Lance, Hitler's ashes, Nazi artifacts to Antarctica in 1945.


Much of this novel is based on the author's association with the crew member, his association with a benevolent being from the inner earth, "A friend of Humanity" the family of Admiral Byrd, and extensive Icelandic dialogues regarding Nordic legends.

Some might venture to call him a wizard, a spit-disturber, a visionary, a crackpot, a shaman, a bull-in-the-spiritual china shop, a tormented Christian, an grown-up child with God’s ice cream on his nose, a spiritual snake-oil salesman keen to convert the world, proselytizer of goofy concepts, standing on a wooden box in a Hyde Park of his own making, ranting to himself and other true believers, an erudite man with the courage of his convictions, a singular adventurer, a bundle of contradictions, a twenty-first century cartographer, a hollow-earth devotee in a world full of skeptics.


Have you watched the film, Being John Malkovitch? In similar fashion, the reader of this searingly honest account can inhabit the restless mind of Danny Weiss, whose honesty and integrity and single-mindedness shine through his narrative on every page. Clamber inside the mind of a man in pursuit of the truth—truths derided, but well worth exploring in our world of quasi-scientific certainty.


Part journal, part transcribed interviews with luminaries, real and imagined, part sermon, part autobiography, part comedy skit, part diatribe, part psychic’s channeling of past and future geniuses.


Danny takes us on a sweeping ride through his life—warts and all—to arrive at a profound understanding of what an uncompromising search for personal revelation looks like.


We learn astounding facts and arrive at extraordinary conclusions from a seer who is as sensitive as a leaf in the wind, a reluctant hero who lives in a world with the thinnest of walls between the conscious and the subconscious, of the past, present and future, between the ridiculous and the ridiculously evident, dwelling in the hypnogogic universe, poised on the knife edge of parallel realities.


Who is Danny Weiss? Danny Weiss may be all of the above, but he is never boring, for above all, Danny Weiss is an Explorer Extraordinaire, exploring the realms of the mind, the heart, the soul, and the hollow earth. Climb inside—it’s a trip!


A Novel by:


David Di Pietro  Weiss and Danny L. Weiss



Historical Legends of the Hollow Earth, the Holy Lance, the mysteries of Antarctica, Iceland, Admiral Byrd Richard E. Byrd and Nazi Germany are woven together in this fantastical fiction story filled with fact and ripe with intrigue. Garrett is a young American who leaves his homeland to resist the Vietnam war, landing in Iceland where he meets his soulmate Gugga and settles into family life in this strange and wonderful land. Garrets's destiny carries him on an amazing adventure of idealism and intrigue as his fate connects him with inhabitants of the inner earth.

David Di Pietro - Weiss is a co-founder of River Sancuary Publishing. His published thesis chronicled the Nuemburg Trials after after World War II which led to his quest in understanding the scope of Nazi fascination with the folklore of the Hollow Earth and the Holy Lance. His provocative books and Soul Talk essays seek to open new vistas of exploration into the deeper nature of who we are as human beings.


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