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The Hollow Earth Research Society.


Formally known as the

International Society for a Complete Earth


Danny L. Weiss, president of the former organization called I.S.C.E. (International Society for a Complete Earth), is the director and CEO of the newly-formed Hollow Earth Research Society (H.E.R.S.).


He has been an intrepid researcher in Hollow Earth lore since his meeting with an ex-German WW II submarine officer in 1976. This officer served on the U-530 which, along with the U-977, reportedly visited the alleged Nazi base in Antarctica just as the war was ending.










Danny Weiss Meets the Founder of I.S.C.E.


Danny relates his amazing visit and extensive interview with Ritter von X, his nom de plume, fueled his interest in the Hollow Earth stories that “The Captain” related to him. It was Ritter who encouraged Danny to assume the leadership of the I.S.C.E., an organization that has its roots in the study and validity of the Hollow Earth.


The story of Dan’s interview and the transcript of that eye-opening experience can be found in Dan Weiss’s new bookThe Hollow Earth - Revisited. This is a must-read for all those interested in learning about the history of the exploration of the hollow Earth, as well as a fascinating and candid account of his life – warts and all. Dan Weiss is a very sincere, honest man, as readers will attest.


This exclusive interview, coupled with Danny’s extensive enthusiasm for Icelandic history and the Hollow Earth spiritual sagas, fueled Danny’s fascination with the Hollow Earth.


Dan’s brother, David, a historian and writer, has long assisted Danny, first with the I.S.C.E., and now with H.E.R.S. His research has uncovered facets regarding the Hollow Earth and the UFO’s emanating from the Hollow Earth—along with early German bases near the South Pole.


The Weiss brothers make a formidable team.

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