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History of H.E.R.S. 

The Formation of the I.S.C.E. under Ritter von X


The Hollow Research Society (H.E.R.S.) was formally known as the International Society for a Complete Earth (I.S.C.E.) and was originally founded in 1977 by Captain Ritter von X (an anonymous name at his request). Its members currently lists over 1,000 individuals and encompasses nine international groups.


Von X was born in Berlin, Germany, joined the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) in 1943, and was assigned to the Reich Undersea Boat Service, UBoat Flotilla Group, Danzig. He served aboard the U530 until 1945 when his ship formally surrendered at Mar del Plata, Argentina. That year von X participated in a voyage to Antarctica and served as an intermediary in the recovery of the Holy Lance — (the spear that pierced the side of Jesus Christ) in 1969. In 1979, he assisted in the planning of the Hartmann Expedition which journeyed to Antarctica to recover Adolf’s Hitler’s secret treasure.


He is a knight of the Holy Order of Knights and the Sacred Lance. This order has dedicated itself to the course of righteousness directed by the influence of the Holy Lance which represents the power of God. He states that the time will come when the knights will make themselves known to the world. He is the author of The Return of the Holy Lance, Adolf Hitler and the Secrets of the Holy Lance, and Hitler’s Ashes. These books can be purchased from H.E.R.S. Book Shop.


Von X is a citizen and lives in America. His military decorations include the Undersea Boat War badge (comparable to the U.S. Infantry Combat Badge), the Reich Eagle Award, the Iron Cross, and the Knight’s Cross.


The former director of the I.S.C.E.  has seen the inner world as the home of the Nordic race or Arrianni. In the seventies, the I.S.C.E. was based in the mid-west. The Society used as its emblem the crest of the Thule Society: a sword in front of a swastika ringed in oak leaves.


He said the I.S.C.E.’s goal was to enter one of the polar openings and establish contact with the Arianni, the “tall, blond, blue-eyed super race” that rules the inner world. The Arianni, he wrote, spoke “a language very much like German” lived in “cities built of shimmering crystal,” and used their saucers called “Flugelrods” (winged wheel, UFO's) to patrol the skies of the surface world and keep an eye on us.


In a 1978 interview with newspaper columnist, Bob Green, he claimed that his organization’s use of the swastika was a “Nordic Symbol,” and had nothing to do with the Nazis. “As you probably realize”, he told Green, “the swastika has been known in various cultures for thousands of years.” He also said that “people will call us crackpots, will try to ridicule us and even stop us. But we are not crackpots, We are a small group, made up of physicians, engineers, and pilots.”


The I.S.C.E. Comes Under New Leadership


In 1992, Danny Weiss assumed the directorship of the I.S.C.E. He came in contact with former I.S.C.E. director in 1984.


“I’ve been in correspondence with the Ritter for over ten years. I gained a great deal of respect for his knowledge, instruction, and unusual experiences regarding the knowledge of the Hollow Earth, and his contact from the inner earth, a friend to Mankind" says Weiss.

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