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Admiral Byrd's Proposed Reenactment

Admiral Richard E. Byrd's plane on a raft from the "Chantier" to it's base at Spitzbergen, Norway, preparing for his epic flight to the North Pole on the 9th of May, 1926.

Byrd's Fokker

The Hollow Earth Society (HERS) formally known as the International Society for a complete (ISCE) has been researching and planning a reenactment  of Admiral Richard E. Byrd's exploration to the North Pole.


You may contact HERS and will keep you informed of the progress and itinerary along with providing additional articles of interest, new information and researh, photos, opinions and resources. The society is the clearing house for information dedicated to seeking the facts. Our research is posted on this site as HERS Special Reports and Report Contributions by those who wish to publish their research and information.


Please see more details at HERS Contributors about how you can share your research on this site.


We are the vehicle to disseminate that information and plan possible explorations.  Full feature movie an the Byrd reenactment.


Our goal is to investigate the possibility of a Hollow Earth and it's surrounding mysteries.



The proposed itinerary for the reenactment of Admiral Richard Byrd's flight to the North Pole

The First Stop: Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC

James Smithson (c.1765–1829)  The founding donor of the Smithsonian.

 On August 10, 1846, the United States Congress passed the legislation (9 Stat. 102) founding the Smithsonian Institution  dedicated to the  "Increase and diffusion of knowledge,"  and signed it into law by President James K. Polk. 

The Second Stop: Reykjavik, Iceland. 

Reykjavik, Iceland.  Image source: Photo by Patrice Raplee

Interesting enough, this was the setting for Jules's Verne's famous novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth and will visit Mt. Snaefellsjokull, where the famous movie was filmed. We will explore the Nordic Legends of Odin, Thor the Valkyries, and Asgarth, the Icelandic legendary city in the center of the earth.


In addition we will explore how World War II German leaders were inspired and perhaps driven by these legends and will examine how the German composer, Richard Wagner's research on this topic profoundly influenced his epic four-opera cycle,


The Ring of the Nibelung.

The Third Stop: Base camp Spitzbergen, Norway

Spitzbergen – Longyearbyen, Norway

Image source:

The actual flight to the North Pole  will originate from Spitxbergen, Norway, as did Admiral Byrd's. We cannot predict what will be seen and experienced. It will be an attempt to gain independent verification of Admiral Byrd's lost diary contents , and give those interested a first hand experience to make their own judgements on this subject.


This reenactment journey will be an attempt to verify the recent claim that Admiral Byrd missed the north Pole altogether and so clarify the mysteries

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