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Written by Buck Nelson 1956 33 pages


"Flying Saucers first appeared over my Ozark Mountain home July 30, 1954. I wrote this experience to the springfield, Missouri newspaper." The author was investigated by several flying saucer clube in the East, and ;ater he was called to lecture to the public and tell his story on the stage, halls, churches and schools. This book will stager the mind  His trip was taken in the flesh and nor a "Soul Flight". Some of the contents: On Venus. They Live by the Laws of God; Magnetic Currents Must Be Right For UFOs To Land On Earth; Atlantis Was A Godly Nation Util Broke The Laws Of God; Author Met His Cousin Who Lived On Venus; Drawings Of A Fire Ball; Clock of Venus - 17 Hr Day, 17 Hr night; Building On Venus; Full Page Drawing Of Details Of Main Control Panel Of Ship;


This is a rare title on UFO's writtn by a deeply religious man. One of our customers had us advertise for this title. We finally located a copy. It is so unusual, different and interesting that were dedicated to make a photocopy edition avaiable to out customers who collect UFO material. Frontpiece of the author, typwritten format.

My Trip to Mars, the Moon and Venis

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